Terms and conditions of service

The following terms and conditions apply to all services provided by Ngātahi Communications. We may review and update these terms and conditions from time to time.


Ngātahi Communications

We are committed to:

  1. Carrying out all work to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and ethical conduct, to brief and on time

  2. Working ethically and respectfully with clients and the diverse communities they serve

  3. Being responsive, communicating clearly and considering the views of all parties involved

  4. Being open and transparent about our processes, following best practice, innovating and collaborating for the best outcome for all

  5. Identifying and resolving any problems as soon as possible

  6. Protecting the confidentiality of clients’ proprietary business information

  7. Honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi - The Treaty of Waitangi - by building effective relationships and supporting the aspirations of whānau/hāpu/iwi

  8. Behaving in a manner consistent with organisational values, legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.

The client

In order to meet the above commitments, we require clients to:

  1. Meet our expectations of and commitment to ethical business, people and community, health and safety, and environment.

  2. Deliver all essential information and feedback within an agreed timeframe

  3. Inform us as soon as possible about changes to project commencement dates or timelines

  4. Inform us as soon as possible if there are any changes to the project brief or scope

  5. Make sure all information provided is correct and complete, and that the client has the rights to use any images or other material provided

  6. Check all work thoroughly to ensure the facts are correct and there are no errors, before signing it off for use. Sign off is your opportunity to ensure all the details are correct and while we do our very best to avoid errors, they can occur and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all work is satisfactory before it is finalised.

If the commencement date, timeline, or brief/scope changes, our deadlines and/or costs for services will need to be re-negotiated.

Service agreements

Project proposals and estimates

Before commencing work, we will provide a project proposal/plan (based on your project brief) and a clear estimate of the investment required (our fees) to deliver the services requested.

We require written acceptance of proposals/estimates before commencing work. Directing Ngātahi Communications to begin work is considered acceptance of the proposal/estimate provided to you and acceptance of all of Ngātahi Communications’ terms and conditions of service.

Expiry of estimates

Unless otherwise stated, all proposals/estimates expire after 30 days.

We reserve the right to adjust and re-submit a proposal/estimate if it expires before a response is received.

We are happy to extend expiry dates to enable submission of our proposal or estimate to your Board, or to allow time for consultation - please just ask.

Work additional to the agreed scope

Any work required that is outside of or exceeds our original brief/scope will be billed as additional at the hourly rate/s indicated on the proposal/estimate and/or services agreement. Additional work includes additional tasks, extra consultation and communication required to execute a project, extra work required to source information, extra work required to meet any changes in the brief, and additional rounds of revisions. 

Where possible, we will notify you when your requests exceed our agreed brief/scope. We are happy to provide estimates for any additional work on request.


If the client wishes to cancel planned work or work in progress, they must provide written notice to Ngātahi Communications as soon as possible. Ngātahi Communications will invoice the client for all time spent on the project up until the date and time at which written notice of cancellation is received. On receipt of full and final payment, Ngātahi Communications will provide any completed work to the client.


Our rates

Our rates vary depending on the size and type of client, and the type of work required. We offer special rates for not-for-profits and social enterprises.

Our services are usually charged at set prices per item/project, or in 15-minute increments at the hourly rate agreed on your proposal/estimate.

Payment terms

Unless otherwise agreed, Ngātahi Communications bills for all project work in monthly instalments at the end of each month, and/or upon completion of the project. Invoices are due for payment 15 days following the invoice date. Specific payment terms are outlined on each project proposal/estimate and/or services agreement.

For ongoing client work, unless otherwise agreed, Ngātahi Communications bills at the end of the month for all hours completed within that month. Invoices are due before or on the due date shown on your invoice.

We are happy to work with clients to make alternative payment arrangements before commencing work.

Late payment and debts

If you fail to make payment in full by the due date specified on your invoice, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel our services. We will not supply final work until unpaid bills have been settled.

We will provide you with two payment reminders – one three days after the invoice is due and another 10 days after. If you do not make payment or contact us to make payment arrangements within the timeframe of these reminders, we will put our services on hold and/or cancel any planned future work. 

Unpaid bills may be referred to a third party for resolution. The expense of this will be met by the client in debt, in addition to the unpaid bill, plus late payment penalties and interest charges. Interest will be charged at a rate equal to the standard commercial overdraft rate applied by Ngātahi Communications’ chosen bank.

Intellectual property and confidentiality

Ngātahi Communications’ work

Ngātahi Communications retains ownership of the intellectual property rights for all communications and marketing templates, educational documents and advice articles created by Ngātahi Communications.

Client work

Ngātahi Communications assigns the intellectual property rights of all completed client work to the client for their use only, subject to full and final payment being made.

Work carried out by Ngātahi Communications is not to be used by the client for any purpose other than that for which it was commissioned. Client work should not be distributed to third parties for their use without permission from Ngātahi Communications.

If any documentation or client work created by Ngātahi Communications is used without an estimate/permission being confirmed in writing, the client or third party is liable for payment in full. Use of any documentation or client work created by Ngātahi Communications is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions, regardless of if an estimate/project plan or permission has been confirmed.


We agree to protect the confidentiality of your proprietary business information. Ngātahi Communications treats all information and the business activities of clients, staff or contractors, and suppliers as confidential and has practices and controls in place to ensure that the personal information of its clients, suppliers, and staff or contractors is respected and not used or shared inappropriately.

Unless strict confidentiality is requested, we have full rights to disclose our working relationship with you as part of promoting Ngātahi Communications. We will always check with you before publicising our work together on our channels.

Terms of this agreement

This agreement shall remain in force until the completion of the project or client-service provider relationship.

Ngātahi Communications reserves the right to terminate services if any of the above conditions are not met.


The terms ‘service’ and ‘services’ cover all goods and services that we provide and projects undertaken. We have used ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘service provider‘ for Ngātahi Communications and ‘client’ or ‘you’ for the client, organisation, or representative.

Further information

If you have any questions about how we work, please contact us.