The key to maximising your impact is knowing how to start the right conversations.

This is where Ngātahi Communications comes in. Together we’ll amplify your voice through authentic kōrero and storytelling, enabling you to build an engaged community of supporters.

Our experienced team specialises in working with social-impact organisations and not-for-profits. If you want to build your profile, raise awareness, and attract support and business - get in touch.



Ngātahi means to come together as one. We believe in bringing people together through kōrero. Our aim is to inspire and influence positive change in Aotearoa.



Know your message


The right words make all the difference when it comes to engaging your audience. Together we’ll clarify your purpose and vision for the future, explore the values you share with your stakeholders, and develop messaging to help your organisation win hearts and minds.

Connect with purpose


The foundation of all successful communications is a strategic approach. Ngātahi Communications will support you to focus your efforts for maximum impact, while making the most of resources. Taking targeted action is how you’ll achieve your goals.

Share your impact


Real stories about how you benefit your clients and community will support you to build a loyal following, and inspire others to create positive change. Ngātahi Communications will help you share your impact stories, plus get the word out to stakeholders and media.



“I would highly recommend Ngātahi Communications to any purpose-driven business; Hannah really gets it. As a result of implementing the communications plan we created together, I've gained a number of new clients, a more engaged following, and I am able to clearly articulate my purpose and mission in everyday communications.”

— Lisa Mead, Director at Social Currency Investments.