We believe in using the power of kōrero and storytelling to drive positive change.

Ngātahi Communications supports organisations to maximise their social and environmental impact using strategic communications and public relations.

Our Christchurch-based team specialises in working with purpose-driven brands to start important conversations and influence action. We're a certified B Corporation with a strong history of using communications to inspire change in Ōtautahi, Canterbury and beyond.

We are driven by global best-practice in impact relations and advocate for authentic and transparent strategic communications. Our team is part of a wider network of purpose-driven businesses and B Corps, who believe in using their skills for the benefit of Aotearoa.

Whether you’re an emerging social enterprise looking to change the world, a not-for profit with amazing impact stories just waiting to be shared, or a larger organisation working to benefit the community - we’re here to enable you to make a bigger difference.


Hannah McKnight

Strategic Communications Consultant

Ko Hikurangi te maunga
Ko Waiapu te awa
Ko Horouta te waka
Ko Ngāti Porou te iwi

My core belief is that communication plays a pivotal role in driving social change. I have built a successful career working across education, health and business to create positive outcomes for communities, the planet and our economy.

I empower organisations to consider their role in building a better world, and support them to amplify the influence of their mahi through strategic communications.

With experience spanning the start-up space, not-for-profits, social enterprises and large organisations, I’ve developed a unique practice that combines brand positioning, purpose, communications and engagement strategy, and authentic storytelling.

I advocate strongly for organisations to embed social and environmental initiatives as part of their core business, to ensure that positive impacts on the community can be sustained over the long-term.

Collaborating with other purpose-driven organisations and B-Corps is a key part of my work to advance social change. In my view, bringing people together through kōrero is how we’ll change Aotearoa for the better.

I have a Bachelor of Communication in Communication Management and Journalism, with a minor in Expressive Arts, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Management.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn here.

Rose Shayler

Communications Assistant

Working at Ngātahi is my first look into the world of professional communications. I’m excited to take on community-oriented work that allows me to use the strengths that I have.

I pride myself on my creativity and my ability to find common ground with anyone - this is how to start meaningful conversations. I am skilled at tailoring messages for different audiences and channels, and particularly enjoy digital communications and telling positive stories to inspire others.

I am currently working towards a Master of Strategic Communications, with a special focus on ethics, journalism, and social advocacy. My dissertation focuses on a communications campaign that will encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand.

My studies have encouraged my love of engaging with brands that work for social good. I enjoy working to provide content and ideas for groups that share my values and that are seeking to drive positive change in the world.

My mahi at Ngātahi Communications focuses on supporting a range of projects across Whānau Ora, disability, social housing, business and more. I enjoy meeting a huge range of people through my role and learning more about creating social change in the process.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and English, with a minor in Sociology and Anthropology. During my time at the University of Canterbury I have also been awarded a certificate in Human Services, and a certificate in Literature.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn here.



Our vision is an Aotearoa where social impact organisations and businesses thrive, driving positive wellbeing outcomes that benefit our communities for generations to come.



What we stand for

  • People first: Our wellbeing and the wellbeing of all of those we interact with comes first

  • Inclusion: Involving the diverse communities that make up Aotearoa in all that we do

  • A big-picture view: Thinking strategically for the best social, environmental and businesses outcomes for all

  • Sustainability: In how we do business and in the approaches we recommend to others

  • Giving: Pro-bono community impact as part of our core business

  • Collaboration: With clients, the people they serve and other businesses.